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While a young man studying ad design, I fell hopelessly in love with Modernism.

Years later, I left advertising to create jewelry designs inspired by that love.  First there was the etched, polished steel and gold-plated geometrics I mastered with Disrupt Modern (www.disruptmodern.com).  Then, I took what I learned creating that graphic iconography and moved forward on little cats’ feet - after all, there were cats wandering all over my office!  

With Cat Modern jewelry, you’ll find all manner of contemporary cats engaged in a purrfect profusion of feline behaviors; the steadfast cat waiting at a doorway, the acrobat cats jumping from platform to platform, the pooped-out pusses curled up in a kitty cup.  You'll also see thoughtful attention paid to the radial and radiant beauty in every cat’s face.

Cat Modern is an online oasis for artful, witty and intellectually astute jewelry designs.  Cat Modern will be worn by smart, sophisticated cat lovers who require earrings, pendants and necklaces for adult tastes.

All the cat-inspired designs on www.catmodern.com are designed by me here in San Francisco.  

Each piece is first painstakingly photo-etched out of a surgical-grade stainless steel sheet, then electropolished or gold-plated, then assembled, all here in the Bay Area.  

Welcome to Cat jewelry made modern.


Perrin Lam, Creative Director

Cat Modern, San Francisco